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1-day tour to machu picchu: the best packing tips for ...

03/07/2021 23:28:14 GMT
The sanctuary of Machu Picchu is the premier destination of the world! Every day of the year hundreds of visitors marvel at its beauty. Experience the natural energy and the might of the Inca sit ...

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Alfama neighbourhood guide

03/07/2021 04:32:15 GMT
THINGS TO DO:. . CASTELO DE SÃO JORGEAlfamas castle can be seen from almost anywhere in Lisbon and is one of the citys most popular tourist attractions. Visitors can climb the towers or wander ...

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Checking in: luxury in the algarve at vila vita parc

03/07/2021 04:32:15 GMT
The Algarve has always been a hugely popular destination for Brits in the summer holidays and it’s now drawing visitors from even further afield as word gets out about the beauty of the coastli ...

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Haunts and horrors of st. petersburg

03/07/2021 04:32:15 GMT
Happy Halloween! While the rest of the world dusts off their costumes, only 3% of Russians will be celebrating Halloween— and little wonder. The Church has used its influence on government ...

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Time-lapse : " teide sunset desde ayosa"

01/07/2021 19:08:08 GMT
. Pequeño timelapse desde la zona de Ayosa en la vertiente de los municipios de Arafo y La Orotava en Tenerife , esta es una zona de muy buenas puestas y salidas del Sol y casi siempre el mar ...

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Tenerife senderos : "tajinastes del parque nacional ...

18/06/2021 14:17:05 GMT
Tajinastes del Parque Nacional del Teide El tajinaste rojo (Echium wildpretii) es una planta bienal que produce una densa roseta de hojas durante el primer año. Es visible en casi todas las ...

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Time-lapse: "teide startrails"

13/06/2021 20:40:28 GMT
. Timelapse de rastro de estrellas en el P.N del Teide , Tenerife

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6 lugares que ver en lituania

09/06/2021 17:57:44 GMT
Si estáis pensando viajar a Lituania o vais a incluir este país en vuestra ruta por los Bálticos, probablemente tengáis muchas dudas sobre los mejores sitios que visitar, ...

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Petrogradskaya side, st. petersburg

07/06/2021 03:56:07 GMT
History of Petrogradskaya SideImperial RussiaThe history of St Petersburg began on the Petrogradskaya Side, when Peter the Great laid the foundation stone of the Peter and Paul Fortress on Zayachy Is ...

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The best 5 cities to visit in russia

07/06/2021 03:56:07 GMT
Russia’s landscape spans from Europe all the way to the Far East, and is home to unparalleled diversity. Tumultuous history and rich culture can be found in each town and city throughout the co ...

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