Incredible Places to Visit in France

1. ANNECYFavourites always come first for me and suffice it to say that my visit to Annecy a couple of years ago quickly shot this city to the top of my list. Many dinner party conversations have subsequently centred around the city of Annecy and I’m always more than keen to share every detail from my goat’s cheese salad for lunch to the paddle boats on the lake! Read more: Is this the cutest town in France? Why you need to visit Annecy! 2. COLMARI knew before I arrived in Colmar that this would be a town I would fall in love with. The unique blend of French and German architecture in Alsace is just too beautiful to be ignored, so I had Colmar on my travel list for years before I finally had the chance to visit. This town is best explored in the warmer months, as the shoulder season tends to be cold and wet and the winter seasons is dreary and grey. Summer however – you c ...

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