Where to do a river cruise in France

Browsing placidly on channels that have witnessed armies, monarchs and centuries of history you can discover great city views and you can take advantage of a slow and pleasant mobility while doing a bike tour. If it intrigues you, you can take a look at the offer of Le Boat, offering ships and boats for rent in many areas of France. Let’s see where … Canal du Midi, for a wonderful journey into the heart of the sunny countryside of southern France between the excellent cuisine, great wines and antique village flavors. Camargue is where beaches and lakes co-exist. Ideal for your first cruise between fine sandy beaches and a casual pace of life. Aquitaine is a region that seems to be for lovers of nature and history. Lot region, famous for its superb gastronomic tradition and its countryside dotted with ancient cities, Roman churches and medieval villages are present in this village. Be ...

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