Waqrapukara – Peru’s Most Breathtaking Ruins?

Yesterday I finally made what was probably my toughest day trek ever to what is perhaps the most incredible site in all of Peru — Waqrapukara. I’d heard so much about the site and everyone in the group I hiked with agreed that it was far more than we’d imagined. The consensus among all of us was there simply are no words to describe what we saw. I usually don’t take tours, but sometimes they are necessary — especially when traveling somewhere I’ve never been before. Going with a group of like-minded travelers who are willing to put forth a tremendous effort to visit a place that is far, far off the beaten path makes it even better. Because Waqrapukara is so remote, we left very early (3:45 am) in the morning for the long 3½-hour ride to the south. We stopped and had a decent traditional breakfast along the way before continuing up into the mountains on a tiny, winding dirt ...

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