Best Roman Ruins to Visit in Europe

1. Colosseum, Rome, ItalyOne of the world’s most famous Roman buildings, the Colosseum – or Flavian Amphitheatre as it is also known – was built around 80 CE as a vast entertainment arena. Standing 52 metres high – equivalent to the height of four double-decker buses – it became the site of gladiator contests, animal fights, executions, and battle re-enactments. Some 50,000 spectators would gather to watch gory events, and the Colosseum’s inaugural games lasted 100 days. Today, regardless of where you stroll in Italy’s capital, you’ll stumble upon many ruins of Rome. The Pantheon, Roman Forum, Baths of Caracalla – all can be seen on our Rome city break and Classical Italy tour The Colosseum 2. Trier Imperial Baths, Trier, GermanyRoman empire ruins found in Trier, Germany’s oldest city, can be visited on our Rhine and Moselle River Cruise, which includes a tour to t ...

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