Everything you Need to Know Before you Visit Tanzania

A visit to Tanzania can mean one of many things – it might be a city escape in Dar Es Salaam, a beach getaway in Zanzibar, a safari in Serengeti, a trek to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro or a combination of all of the above! The seasons certainly play a detrimental role to what kind of experience will be had and when, so be sure to read ahead in advance to ensure you have the kind of trip you’re intending for! Game Safaris: The best times are January-March for baby season and June through September for the tail end of the wet season Kilimanjaro Treks: You can make the climb year round, however note rainy season runs March through end May Birdwatching: The best time for bird watching is between October through April Zanzibar & Dar Es Salaam: Year round! WHERE TO GO:Most travellers visiting Tanzania will arrive firstly in Dar Es Salaam, though be sure to allow for a few days stopove ...

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