The city of Antwerp is busy through the summer months, much like the rest of Europe. In winter the days are shorter, meaning you can indulge in a sleep in and make the most of a cozy hotel in the city. For our time in Antwerp, we checked in to De Witte Lelie . Your first port of call should be the Antwerp Main Train Station. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful train stations in all of Europe so much so that I would recommend you stop here just to see the train station, even if youre not planning a stop in Antwerp itself. The belle époque style is truly mesmerising and the details are second to none . ANTWERP BELLThe Antwerp Bell (also known as Den Bell) is worth a climb if youre looking for something a little more active yet still indoors, especially for this spiral staircase . VISIT ONE OF ANTWERPS INDEPENDENT BOOK STORESAnother favourite thing to do in the colder m ...

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