Paris by Night: The Best Places to see Paris at Night

Most commonly referred to as the City of Light, Paris has many nicknames but this one we know to be true there really is no city more magical after dark than Paris! The nickname originates from reference to both the intellectual "light" of the city, having been a central hub for artists and creatives, especially through the 1920s. However, the name also refers to Paris early adoption of street lighting, with the city being one of the first to switch from oil lamps to electricity in 1878. With so much romance and flair, this city is often considered even more magical after dark and weve got a list of the best places to see Paris at night youre welcome! 1. THE EIFFEL TOWERTheres no denying the Eiffel Tower is singlehandedly the most famous Parisian icon and theres no denying it is even more beautiful in the evening as it lights the skyline of Paris. The sparkling lights on the Eiff ...

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