Your complete guide: Where to visit in Tuscany

Pisa, ItalyWith direct flights in to Pisa from the rest of the world (with Qatar airways via Doha), you might as well start your Tuscan adventure in the city of Pisa. Pisa is of course most well-known for its architectural failure, the leaning tower of Pisa. Beyond that, be sure to wander the streets to discover the true charm of this city. Make your way over to the Arno river for beautiful views morning and night and be sure to grab a gelato or two for a sugar hit to make it through the day! Lucca, ItalyFrom Pisa make your way to nearby Lucca, a small but charming city with plenty to see and do. You’ll need at least half a day here, though could easily spend a full day or two exploring the sights and meandering the small alleyways. For the best view of the city, be sure to climb the Guinigi Tower, complete with a gorgeous garden on top and offering panoramic views of Lucca. ...

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