8 Curious New Year’s Traditions Around the World

„Bleigießen“ (lead pouring)Let’s start with the country we are situated in, Austria. Here we have a tradition which is also common in Germany – lead pouring (“Bleigießen”). You usually start this ritual shortly after midnight and it goes like this: You put a small piece of lead, which comes in different shapes like tiny buildings or animals, on a spoon and hold it over a candle until it is fully melted. Then you pour the hot lead into a container of cold water and see what happens. The shape that the lead forms is said to reveal a person’s fate or destiny for the upcoming year! So why not try to predict your future this year? Bleigießen soll euch euer Schicksal für’s kommende Jahr voraussagen. (c) knittie_librarianWearing red underwearThe next tradition we’ll look at is also common in several countries around the globe, but it is especially popular in Italy. Yep, no ...

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