Top 5 Seoul Private Tours

1.Old and New Seoul TourYou will visit emblematic places of this contrasting city between traditions and modernity. Among the big buildings, ancient palaces of the Joseon dynasty appear.Gyeongbokgung palace is the main palace of Seoul and the only one to have a changing of guard in traditional costumes. It is the largest palace of the city and presents beautiful pavilions. Likewise, Changdeokgung palace is smaller but very charming and has a secret garden boasting a gigantic tree that is over 300 years old. Besides, you can visit the presidential house called “The Blue House” or you can stride across the traditional streets of the Buckchon village.Furthermore, the Jogyesa Temple will give you a peaceful time admiring the beautiful colors painted on the monument. It welcomes the famous statue of Seokgamoni. Finally why not going to the N Seoul Tower, giving the best panoramic views ...

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