Visiting Pisa Italy

If you come to Pisa insistent that all you want to see is the leaning tower (for which this city is oh so famous for), I can assure you that you’ll miss the beauty of this small city. Recently Pisa has become another gateway to Tuscany, with the introduction of direct flights with Qatar airways, making it possible to reach Pisa in just a couple of flights from almost anywhere (you’ll need to fly to Doha first, then direct flights are available daily to Pisa). The city of Pisa is undeniably best explored early morning or late at night, as it is then when you will discover the true beauty (beyond the summer tourist crowds) and if you’re a morning person, you will have the city almost entirely to yourself! The city centre itself is very small, so stick to walking if you wish to uncover the true beauty: found in the many small shops, cafes and restaurants. Things to Do in ...

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