Best places to visit in Berlengas

. Best places to visit in BerlengasIf you want to know what to see in Berlengas, I organized a list of places to visit so that you can plan your trip and maximize your time during your holidays. Top 7 places to visit in Berlengas. 1. Berlengas Nature Reserve. Berlengas Nature ReserveThe Berlengas archipelago was classified as a Nature Reserve in 1981 due to the importance of its unique ecosystem. That includes a series of island and marine habitats, its relevance to botany, and the richness of its underwater archaeological heritage. In total, and this includes the surrounding body of water, the Reserve is 9,500 hectares Berlengas Nature Reserve PortugalThe Berlengas Reserve logo depicts one of the typical birds in the Berlengas, the common murre (Uria aalge). This bird looks a bit like a penguin and it nests on these islands. The network of 2 km of marked trails on the islands allows ...

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