3 of the Best Travel Destinations Europe Has to Offer

. When you’re looking for holiday deals online, have you ever found yourself hovering over the ‘destination’ field? Without some idea of where you’re going, the task of finding a great deal is a bit overwhelming, so.. how about searching among the following European destinations? Romantic getaway: Italy Forget Paris, forget Amsterdam – the Cinque Terre is phenomenally beautiful. Choose it as the picture-perfect backdrop to a romantic getaway with your other half, with its multi-coloured houses perched atop rugged cliffs descending steeply into a beautiful harbour. You can spend at least three days exploring these five villages (they were once isolated hamlets but have since become more accessible owing to the train that connects them together), meandering through the quaint old fishing villages and enjoying twists and turns of the Italian train journey. Enjoy a chilled glass of ...

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