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Your complete guide: where to visit in tuscany

30/08/2021 06:19:06 GMT
Pisa, ItalyWith direct flights in to Pisa from the rest of the world (with Qatar airways via Doha), you might as well start your Tuscan adventure in the city of Pisa. Pisa is of course most well- ...

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Hallgrímskirkja travel guide

30/08/2021 06:19:06 GMT
History and DesignThe church was designed by one of Icelands most renowned architects, Guðjón Samúelsson, who is said to have sought inspiration for his expressionistic design from ...

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Visiting pisa italy

28/08/2021 07:18:33 GMT
If you come to Pisa insistent that all you want to see is the leaning tower (for which this city is oh so famous for), I can assure you that you’ll miss the beauty of this small city. Recently ...

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German cities you need to visit

28/08/2021 07:18:33 GMT
1. BerlinBerlin is not only Germany’s capital and largest city, it is also the cultural hub of the nation. One of the most fascinating cities in Europe, Berlin is vibrant and edgy and is German ...

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A guide to the windmills of mykonos

16/08/2021 03:18:34 GMT
A brief history of Mykonos’ windmillsWindmills were built and in use in Mykonos from around the 1500s and up to the first decades of the 20th century. The windmills were used to grind grain int ...

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Getting from athens to hydra

05/08/2021 03:38:40 GMT
Take the regular ferryThere are 2 daily crosses from the port of Piraeus to Hydra regardless of season. The trip with a regular ferry lasts approximately 2 hours, and the distance between the port of ...

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A guide to the acropolis of lindos

05/08/2021 03:38:40 GMT
History of the Acropolis of LindosLindos was founded by the Dorians led by King Tlepolemus, who arrived on the island around the 10th century BC, although the first evidence of life here is believed ...

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The best beaches in chania

05/08/2021 03:33:13 GMT
Balos. Balos LagoonWhile in Chania, you can’t miss exploring the nearby natural beauty of the Balos lagoon. This magnificent landscape of sandy shores and shallow turquoise waters is perfect fo ...

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Travel in time with indigenous russia

05/08/2021 03:33:13 GMT
Indigenous Russia refers to early tribes from the Far North, Central and Southern Siberia and the Far East, who live in the same territories and keep the same way of life and traditions over centurie ...

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